10 Years Of Central Bank Printing.
Indefinite Monetary Pathway Unintentionally Re-Invigorates MMT.


Not Only Does The Above Chart Demonstrate That The U.S. Federal Reserve Truly Executes A “RESERVE” Strategy [especially since 2009]…It Also Displays The Monumental Anxiety + Fear + Panic That Then Gripped Them…In Staggering Contrast To The 25 Years Prior To 2009…When Reserves Were So Modest That They Are Barely Perceivable On The Chart [ironically produced by the St. Louis Fed].

BTW…The Original Pitch Was For A Short Term [12-24 month] Jolt Of QE…A Hyper-Sized Red Bull Stimulant To Economic Growth.

Now…10 Years Later It’s Been Celebrated + Institutionalized + Un-Tethered Globally…With Zero Enforceable Limitations.

So With The Passage Of Time…The Present Normal = The Past’s Distortions …Simply Rationalized By “We Had To Print…What Else To Do?”

The “What Else” = Allowing For Business Failure + The Concept Of Creative Destruction To Take Hold…As Pain Clarifies Focus + Intensifies The Pursuit Of Pragmatic Solutions…Resulting In A Stronger Foundation For More Sustained Economic Growth Going Forward…

Rather Than Simply “Shaking The Money Tree” + Penalizing Savers + Promoting The Uptake Of Debt + Risk…While Adhering To 3 Central Bank Policy Absolutes:

1. Interest Rates Must Go Down
2. Asset Prices Must Go Up
3. Nothing Else Matters


So In A Contemporary World Full Of Increasingly Fragile Economic + Political¬† “Snowflakes”…ECONOMIC PAIN IS NOT AN OPTION.

Thus…The Idea Of Modern Monetary Theory [aka “free lunch” economics] Gains Traction.

But Hey…Why Not?

The Prior 10 Years Have Been A “Free Lunch”…For “The Haves” = QE.
Maybe It’s Time To Toss Some Crumbs Toward The “Have-Nots” = MMT.

Because…At Their Core…Both MMT + QE……Are Interchangeable Courses In Money Printing 101.

Class War-Fare = “Game On”…Let The Absurd Battle Begin…

For The Coveted “Money Tree” = Contemporary Economics’ Version Of The Holy Grail.


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