Central Banks = Trading Derivatives At The CME?

It Sure Seems Like it.

Why Else Produce A Specific Pricing Sheet?


As if Printing Money, and Stimulating the Global Economy at the rate of almost 40% of Global GDP in Calendar ’16, was not satisfying enough…


…apparently some of the Centrally Printed Currencies are either being LEVERED or HEDGED [presumes existing positions] at the CME [Chicago Mercantile Exchange]…into a diverse group of DERIVATIVES including:

1. Agriculture Futures
2. Foreign Exchange Futures
3. Equity Options +Futures
4. Eurodollar Options + Futures
5. Treasury Futures
6. Interest Rate Swaps
7. Energy Contracts
8. Metals Futures


The CME’s Central Bank Incentive Program [CBIP] also allows for exceptional trading discounts…https://www.cmegroup.com/company/membership/files/CBIPFAQ.pdf…as detailed in their Jan ’17 Pricing Sheet.


Many [if not most] Of These Products = Not Typically Associated With Central Banks.

The U.S. Federal Reserve’s most recently published, BUT NOT AUDITED AND NOT WISHING TO BE AUDITED, Balance Sheet [click below] demonstrates:

So If Not The Fed…Then Which Foreign Central Banks Are Actually Trading Equity Index Options + Futures at the CME?


UPDATE = As Of 5.06.17

The Answer To The Final Question = Switzerland Central Bank = Swiss National Bank [SNB] .


After an additional $17.3B of US Equity Purchases in Q1 2017, with PRINTED Swiss Francs [bidding the US Dollar and offering Swiss Franc], the SNB currently holds over $80B in U.S. Equities…sequentially increasing their holdings by 26.98%. And they’ve been doing this for quite some time.

So much for the traditional Central Bank role of controlling Domestic Money Supply/Interest Rates.

Now…as well as Controlling the Price of Money [interest rates] they are trying to Control a Host of Critical Global Asset Prices.

And that they are so transparent about it speaks to their unapologetic arrogance, audacity, conviction, entitlement and fortitude.

So…What Other Central Banks Besides The SNB? I suppose…Possibly Many Others.


The Global Money Supply, It Appears, Has No Upper Bound and the Ultimate Destination For These Printed Dollars Are At The Discretion Of A Score Of High Profile Central Planners…I Mean Bankers.

With The Printing Press At Their Disposal = There Are No Monetary Limits Until The Perpetually Active Machines = Permanently Unplugged.